The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline. -Proverbs 1:7

Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost you all you have, get understanding.-Proverbs 4:7

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Any Given Sunday

Get ready for it.  The most eclectic (probably not, actually) assortment of commentary I've come up with yet.

 If you win two championship tournament games within the course of a couple of weeks, does that really mean you are the champions?  P.S.  It takes all day (sometimes, like this weekend, all day two days in a row) to win a lacrosse championship.  Totally worth it if you win that last game.  If you lose that last game, on a 100 degree day, after investing an entire weekend, I'm guessing not so much.

It's been a good run for them this year.  Still, I was glad to turn that jersey in for the season.  Lacrosse is intense and takes up a lot of time.

 I rewarded myself with a virgin(ish) daiquiri for weathering through.  I do realize "weathering" meant I was sitting off in the shade watching while the kids were actually running up and down the field in the heat in full pads.  Does that mean I should not get a reward?

Nothing much to say here except that Ryan bought these chips and I DO NOT LIKE THEM.  In case you had plans to buy me snacks.  

If you know about lacrosse tournaments, you know there are hours to kill in between games.  Especially when said tournaments happen too far away from home to just come home in between.  So...killing 4ish hours twice over a two day period when it is hot means everybody goes to the mall.  Because there is AC in there.  And real bathrooms.  That's another thing you know about if you know about lacrosse...the lack of real bathrooms.

They had a Yankee store there.  Now, what I should say is that Yankee and I have a relationship which has proven to be somewhat toxic (i.e...I lack self control in there) and therefore I have to make a concentrated effort to stay away.  However, I did have 4 hours to kill and Ryan and Jac were in some video game store-a place I can't tolerate long enough to make it through the door.  And Yankee was having a sale.  Which sort of makes it o.k.  Sort of. 

I had totally forgotten about the news coverage of their new line "Mandles" (Man Candles), but the display lured me in.  Who wouldn't be curious?  Before I go on, let's be real.  In case any men are reading this, let me assure you that when most women are buying candles, it is for the purpose of covering up the real scents of life.  And sometimes, (sorry men), you fall into that category.  But, I do realize these candles are marketed to you men under the premise you all enjoy the smell of "manly" endeavors and dream of bringing the smells of the lumber yard and the lawn shed into your homes.  Evidently.

Here's where I get confused:  I've actually never seen a man in Yankee without a woman.  I'm sure there are man candle buyers, I just don't know any.  Do men who love cutting grass and wood really dream of their homes smelling like such?  Or, could this whole phenomenon of candle buying be compared to women who buy "apple pie" scent under the guise they actually bake?  So, maybe if I come to your house and smell cut grass or wood, I'll think you have been hard at work doing manly things (in your living rooms) when really maybe you are just trying to cover up the smell of your baking?  Really, this whole thing is just one example of somebody figuring out how to perplex me.  But I digress...

The cut grass and wood candles...they don't smell so great.  But this "Man Town" smells to me like freshly showered man.  (It actually reminds me of that day in basic training when we put on our blues and were allowed to wear perfume and cologne-which meant everyone did-and I wandered around in the fog of good smelling men, but that's a whole other post, maybe.)  And who doesn't like the smell of a freshly showered man?  Obviously, I had to have it. (Which is not saying the man around here doesn't shower.  The boy has issues, but my man does shower.  Just throwing that in there so there is no confusion.)

I added it to my "candles in waiting".  I don't have too many material obsessions, but I'll admit to this one.  I burn them when I am pretending to clean.

P.S.  There is no dinner picture, because I didn't make dinner.  Again.  Because I didn't feel like it.  Yes, I did hear the "But I've been making my own dinner all week." from the fifteen year old who doesn't like anything I cook anyway.  I followed that up with "I've been making my own dinner for 40 years..."  To which she reminded me of two things:  1.  I am not 40 yet.  and 2. I grew up in an age where people didn't care about their kids.  Of course, if you have a fifteen year old girl, you know you could make that conversation go on and on, but I chose to just leave it alone.  Sorry mom.