The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline. -Proverbs 1:7

Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost you all you have, get understanding.-Proverbs 4:7

Monday, June 18, 2012

30 Days until "Welcome Home"

Summer is when I get stuff done.  Stuff that nobody ever wants to do, but stuff that will take over if you let it.  I let it every year.  I rationalize the whole thing by telling myself "All teachers do this."  Probably not.

Truthfully, I was doing an o.k. job with it this year.  I was going to start summer without being swallowed by the house.  Then I had that back issue.  And everything got out of control.  By "out of control", I mean the type of situation where one cleans for awhile each day, over a period of days, and no progress is made.  So yeah, that's where I am.

At this point, I need a gimmick to get it together.  I'm calling this one "30 days until Welcome Home", because, right now, there isn't much going on around here that says "Welcome Home!" in a happy kind of way.  Basically, a 30 day commitment to take back my house and make it welcoming.  More extreme than FlyLady, because this situation is past FlyLady.  And because, I suspect the FlyLady does not have kids which seems to be the complicating factor whenever I try to do her plan.  And because I need something that has faster results than FlyLady due to my history of losing interest in things.   Make no mistake, we are suffering from CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome), except I do have people over.  And they just look around.

In a nutshell, I spent the entire day cleaning.  Non-stop.  In some other life, that would translate into me sitting on my couch right about now with smug satisfaction.  1.  You know the couch is kind of out of commission at the moment.  2.  There is nothing to be satisfied about.  Everything looks the same.  Maybe tomorrow there will be noticeable difference.

Dinner was a French white bean and cabbage soup with whole wheat, beer bread.  I was trying out a recipe from a new cookbook.  This one.  Both kids ate it.  Alicia ate 3 bowls.  She loves cabbage.  Jac wouldn't admit to liking it, but he ate a full bowl (which means he liked it).  Progress.

I added a little bit of this to give the flavor some depth. 

I have been doing a good bit of juicing lately.
Turns out, I do not like watermelon juice.  I mean, a little was fine, but any more than that and blech.  I added a little stevia (because it was not a sweet watermelon) and made popsicles.  Thought maybe the kids would eat them.  Jac ate 1/2 of one and then said he didn't like it.  So far, he's been the only guinea pig.

So weird they striated when they froze.  At least they are pretty?