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Friday, February 20, 2015

Bucket List Sweater

On my bucket list was "Knit a sweater."  Seriously.  I had given myself until I am 70 to get that done.  Because, I'm a really slow knitter and I also have a habit of losing interest in large projects.
I guess I'm ahead of schedule?  :-)
I finished it earlier in the week, but neither the weather nor available models were very cooperative.  I assured her we are interested in looking at the sweater and not her.  ;-)
Pattern is Berroco Aidez.  Yarn is Rowan Cocoon.
Overall, I'm happy with how it turned out.  I think it's a pretty good attempt considering it's my first sweater.  There is a little wonkiness at the collar (because I made a mistake somewhere), but I worked it out enough I think I'll live.  Looks a little big on her, because she is little and I didn't knit it for her.  Still, I think she could easily pull it off if she "borrowed" it.  It's heavy.  And warm.  And a little itchy which means we probably won't wear it over just a cami. -)

The joy of actually completing an entire sweater was so overwhelming I was forced to begin another.  I will say I am enjoying not having to count with this one.  There's something soothing about making row after row of stockinette stitch?  I will also say I am in LOVE with this yarn.