The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline. -Proverbs 1:7

Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost you all you have, get understanding.-Proverbs 4:7

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Before I get serious...who knew how fun it would be to bring the chickens into the house and try to get them to pose for portraits? Hahaha...if you haven't started wondering about me, surely this is the red flag you needed, right?

Now, I'm going to be serious.

A year and a week ago, I went back to church (After a long break due to issues too complicated for this space, basically because I wasn't interested in paying the price.) This church. I wasn't going for any other reason than for my girl to be in a youth she'd have activities that are supervised or whatever. I was just going to wait out my time there while that happened.

I had quit believing in God. Maybe. It's convenient to not believe in God when you are running from Him. Or easier?

God let me just be there the first week. It was nice. She wasn't quite feeling it, but I thought it was nice. I told her to give it a second try...because, well, I had already decided she was going to be a part of that youth group. (Sometimes I wonder about me.)

Week #2 (a year ago today)...God totally mowed me over with His presence. Ran me over like a train. I didn't feel rebuked or judged or anything negative (even though that is what I deserved), all I felt was God completely surrounding me and not letting me go.

And that was the beginning of this love affair that has taken over my life, my family, my house.

It's crazy.

I never would have called it.

I can't imagine anything else.

My life is changed. In so many ways.

He put people on my life. A crazy mix of people who seemingly have nothing in common...except Jesus. And I love them. D (my princess friend), E (who is starting college tomorow), N (How do I describe N?), R ( partner in what some would like to make a crime), M (who thinks I should talk in the mic...ummm...that's why I have a blog?) many more and I love all of them. A year and a week ago? I didn't have time for real, live people. And now? Sigh...I probably need them. (Last year's self would be disgusted by that admission.)

Notes from today's sermon:

Ezekiel 18:3
Jeremiah 31

-"If you don't have what you want, you either didn't want it bad enough or you haggled over the price."-Pastor Jerry

- Through knowledge, the righteous escape

- Don't forget who I am. I am His. Pay attention to what I do, what I see, what I think and anything I let into my sphere of reality. I am His.

- I am not my sin.