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Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost you all you have, get understanding.-Proverbs 4:7

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Grandma Pat's Secret Recipe it isn't all that secret. But, if you haven't been to Iowa, you probably have no idea what a tenderloin is. I think it was named "Iowa's state sandwich" or something. For real. And, as far as I know, you can't get them anywhere else (except maybe a neighboring state).

On the "How tired are you?" scale, I'm about this tired. Because working with kids all day takes all my energy.

But if I don't sit down, it's all good. Cooking keeps me awake.

Just a warning...making them generates a huge mess.

You are going to need some pork loin chops. Without the bone. And a mallet.

You are going to beat the chops until they are thin-ish and tender. If you lived in Iowa, they would just run them through the tenderizer at the store for you. If you live in Maryland, they'll tell you at the store it is against the law for them to do it. Probably, but whatever.

Since the whole process is going to make a glorious mess, you might just as well make a ton of them. Season them with salt and pepper and put them in a stack.

You can guess where we are going next.

You are going to need three things for the breading; flour, beaten egg and cracker crumbs.

First, you coat the meat with flour. Then you dip it in the egg. Then you press it into the cracker crumbs.

Fry them over med/high heat in the best canola oil you can buy. Ahem. I used Safeway brand. For real, the meat isn't organic or free range and you will be eating essentially fried cracker crust. And we are all might as well taste good while that's don't worry about the oil. It is worth mentioning you need an oil that can take some heat. Olive oil won't do...learned that the hard way.

And then you end up with this.

The kids just eat them with catsup on a bun. I like to make it an event. If we had red onions and lettuce, they would be here too.

P.S. Eating avocados is not something Iowans typically do. I was 20 years old before I tasted one and discovered they are possibly the best thing to come from trees. I eat avocados with everything. But, you probably already figured that out.