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Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost you all you have, get understanding.-Proverbs 4:7

Friday, April 15, 2011

Lady Grey

She's sort of done. I'm going to mess around with the hem some more, but beyond that...she's done.

The facing and lining...I love these fabrics together. (Click on the pics to see them bigger Grandma.)

I only have tags for childrens' clothing and a "Jacob's Alley" tag all written in a kiddie font with crowns was just not what I was thinking of. I always sign my e-mails with a -m, so just embroidered that on the back yoke. I should have stabilized it, but thought the interfacing would have been enough. It wasn't. Oh, well. Next time.

Here I am...looking all annoyed. In my defense, I had just come from lacrosse, preceeded by lunch with a friend, preceeded by 5 hours at the church, preceeded by....I was probably just tired. But, annoyed is also a valid option. Note the wonky hem. Perhaps, I was thinking about that hem.

And then there is this lovely photo. There is something wrong with our video card that makes pictures look distorted. If I look this wide in real life, don't tell me. I'm a size 6/ can I look this wide? Can I blame it on the flare? Am I just in denial of my big arse??? Argh. This picture has convinced me to make a straight coat next time.

Pattern Review: I like the pattern and think the design is great. Everything came together perfectly (except for that hem). The problem with the hem is the coat is very flared and the bottom is wider around than any other part of it. Turning the hem up means there is more fabric than space to sew it to. I did ease it, but there was still too much fabric. I'm getting ready to cut part of the hem off and will just make it narrower. I think that will solve the problem. (I'm a little scared to do that, but need to move on...) I'm not a huge person and I think this coat kind of overwhelms me. Maybe. It's probably better for someone taller and stick thin. But, that's not the pattern's fault.