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Monday, June 17, 2013

The End of an Era

Before y'all go thinking I've gotten all sentimental...these pics are mostly for my girl Betty.  She probably never thought we'd ever see the floor in some of those side rooms.  Well, Betty, guess what?  After four years of decluttering, I finally the bare floor.  What the rest of you all should know is this place is over 100 years old.  And tech. ed. people have semi-secret lives as hoarders...that carry over into the workplace.  I can't deal with all of that.  Getting to the bottom of it was a process like you can't imagine.

Today was it.  I think the power gets shut off tomorrow.  In August?  New digs.

I wish I was cool with the process of change.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to having heat and AC and electricity that works on all the days, but the rest of it?  Nah.  I'm a creature of habit.

So, I imagined taking a million pictures of the old girl.  But then, as I was doing it, I remembered I learned from my first two schools the best mode of operation is to just keep your head down and don't get distracted.  (I've had several careers and have to just put it out there that there is more adult drama in schools than any other place of work I've ever entered into.)  The result is I've mostly been holed up in a single space and have not ventured out into the building much.  What would be the point of having pictures of things I never really looked at in real-time?

 Here ya go, Betty... 


I've decided this room looks better in the picture than in real life.  ;-)  I was told this room was part of the original building and that it was part of a laundry before they built the school.  I don't know how accurate that is, but I've studied the situation and can see how there could be some truth to that story.

I bet Betty doesn't even recognize this closet.  Remember when we couldn't even get in past the door?

Here's your room.  Again, pretty sure it looks bigger and better in the picture than in real life. ;-)  I know you miss being trapped up in there, don't you?

O.K.  Maybe this picture does make me a little sad.  The thing about kids is they don't know what they will miss until it's gone.  Sure, they will love the new building.  But, I bet there will be some who will wish they had taken the time to take one last look around before the old was gone.


Summer has officially begun.