The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline. -Proverbs 1:7

Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost you all you have, get understanding.-Proverbs 4:7

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mid-Week Update

Was just going to make one update for the whole week, because I'm trying to have a quiet week.  Quiet = Not having a million obligations after I get off work.  In theory, I was just going to lounge about the house and be peaceful and hang out with God and all that good stuff.  It's going o.k.  I called off most of my regularly scheduled events this week.  It's sort of weird to be home.  At any rate, I realized it is easier to not wait a whole week to post about the minutia of my life.  And my grandma won't have to tell me I'm behind on my blog.
For the record, there are maybe 4 people who read this regularly; my grandma, the librarian from my school who retired (Please e-mail me...I lost your number.), my princess friend and my girl E.  They seem to be cool with my rambly life.  But...I probably shouldn't push it and put a week's worth in one post, right?


So I bought this stalk of Brussel's sprouts, because I was pretty sure my kids had never seen how they grow.  I was right.

What I didn't think about was how many sprouts were actually on there.  Umm...a lot?

I roasted them and served them with red quinoa and a pumpkin soup I sort of made up.  In my opinion, the soup needed some help, but Alicia said it was good.  I probably shouldn't push my luck with that.


Like it really needs saying, but we eat a lot around here.  ;-)

A salad made with the leftover quinoa, corn, avocado, pinto beans, red onion, red bell pepper, grape tomatoes, cumin, lime juice and salt.  No measurements or anything.  Just threw some stuff in a bowl and stirred it up.  Easy peasy.  You can do it too.

Vegan Pumpkin Muffins- Ha.  I forgot to put the oil in.  Because people were probably talking to me or something.  Turns out...the oil wasn't even needed.  I haven't really mastered vegan baking and stuff is pretty much always a surprise when it comes out of the oven.  And that doesn't always mean "good" surprises.  I was going to link to the recipe, but I'd have to look for it.  I am surely making these again, so I'll link to it next time.


The last cross country meet of the year. 

Thinking about the holidays.  I always get some crazy idea I might make some gifts or something.  This is the year, people...this is the year.  I already have 3 ideas. :-)

Chickpeas ad asparagus with a (no lettuce) salad.  Have I ever mentioned I decided I like nutritional yeast?  Who knew? 


Playing around with yarn.  Mostly checking to see if I could remember how to knit.  I've only knitted (or is it just 'knit'?) one thing in all my life...a pair of socks.  I taught myself off the internet and I'm pretty sure you'd laugh at my form.  No worries, because I don't care about my form.  ;-)  The project I picked is a simple pattern, but still...better safe than sorry before I order yarn, right?  Turns out, I remembered how to do it.

Alicia wanted to make cupcakes for her small group.  Which translates into "she bakes them and then leaves them for me to decorate".  I refused to go to the store, so scrounged around and came up with this.  (Not steps, you know.)

Dinner was a baked sweet potato with spicy black beans and avocado.

I have a friend who journals a lot.  Before I met her, I had started the green journal.  It's not that I've never journaled before, it's just mostly a habit I'd only play with for a few days and then forget about.  I think maybe she inspired me or something.  Now, granted, it took over a year to fill the green one (it isn't even that big and the last few pages are unused), but it's surely the first time I've ever filled a whole notebook with day to day entries.

Then there is a gap of time not represented here.  I think, all about the house, are a few journals I started (I had to keep starting anew...I'm weird like that.), but who knows where they are?  The orange one?  It only took 3 months.  Granted there are about 5 empty pages, but I'm moving on to the next one.  For personal reasons, lol.

What else can I say about this?


I was reading through the green one and noticed a really cool kind of thing I didn't realize about me before?  A theme of sorts that's also present in the orange one.  Unintentionally there.  Which is kind of awesome?  For this reason, I think you should start journaling.  ;-)

I also feel inclined to tell you I'm a paper snob.  I'm (disturbingly?) picky about the paper I write on.  I don't know how this happened.  I wasn't raised like that or anything.  This whole journaling thing...there is no way I could deal with journals of varying sizes and whatnot.  No way.  It would keep me awake at night thinking about the mismatchedness of the whole thing.  For real.  Which is why I am uber-thankful for Moleskine journals.  The paper is perfect and all my journals are the same.  Which is more than kind of awesome?  ;-)