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Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost you all you have, get understanding.-Proverbs 4:7

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Day in the Life

I used to do this thing with some friends where we would record a "day in the life" in pictures to share with each other.  Haven't done one of those in awhile.

Previous "Day in the Life's":

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I actually wasn't planning on doing one today.  Who knew I was going to be all productive?  Certainly not me, because I haven't done anything productive (in the physical sense) all summer.  So, yeah...huge surprise. ;-)

I didn't take tons and tons of pictures.  For one, it was halfway to noon when I realized I wasn't going to sloth around all day.  For two, one of my kids is not really into being photographed at every turn these days.

It is what it is.  :-)  Humor me.

Pretty much how every day this summer has started...except this day started before noon.  :-)  It's always 7-11 (half hot chocolate, half French vanilla coffee) and ALWAYS the largest size.

For once, I knew what we were having for dinner before it was time for dinner.  Black bean soup.  It was requested yesterday, by Ryan (who seems to not have an issue with paying $9 for a container of it at Whole Foods...highway robbery, I tell you), but we didn't have any black beans.  I went and bought some this morning.  No picture of that transaction, because who knew I was actually going to follow through with cooking? 

No shame.  Well, there is shame, but pretty much everyone I care about has already seen my house in its glory this summer.  For those of you who don't know, cleaning is not my thing.  I'd like to say that it's hard to get everything done when one works full-time and goes to school full-time and has kids and a husband and blah, blah, blah..., but that would be a cop-out.  The real reason is I only have so much time to be domestic and I like to take the areas of domesticity (Is that a word?) I'm amicable towards to the extreme.  Cleaning isn't on that list.

How it generally happens is I occasionally have a little breakdown over the main floor (usually inspired by someone who has decided to visit) and I go on a little tirade where I make everyone "pick-up".  But, we don't have anywhere to put anything and I just tell them "Take it downstairs and I'll deal with it later."  Historically, "later" only comes about once every 3 years.  It has been 3 years.

So, I ran out of trashbags and also decided I needed peppermint soap.  Not that we don't have a zillion bottles of other cleaner, I'm just a "cleaner snob" and when I clean I feel like I need a new bottle.  Usually, I have to go smell all of them to figure out what I want.  At least I saved time by knowing I wanted the peppermint this time?

And the boy needed shoes for school.  So, decided to quickly get that out of the way before next week when everywhere will be a madhouse with back-to-school shoppers.

Ummm...a pair of shoes and a whole lot of other stuff later....

At least I saved us a ton of money?  That's my story, anyway.  You know all of that is a scam, right?

We don't really do back-to-school shopping, because I'm not patient like that.  But, since we were out, I decided to do it.  A ton of money later...I have bought all I am going to buy.  (Haircut is on the agenda for a day soon.)

Treated the kids to a fancy lunch.  I made them eat it in the car, because I had stuff to do.

Came home to good mail.  This week's reading.  Left=Alicia's, Right=mine  I did not get distracted.  Not getting distracted is something for me to brag about.

The aforementioned peppermint soap.  I used to not be able to get this locally.  Now, they try to trip me up by having more than one scent option available at Target.  Who knew I was going to go for peppermint and end up all sidetracked wondering if it was the lavender I was really wanting.  I didn't dare smell the almond...I was already in a quandry.  In the end, I decided to stick with the peppermint.

Look!  This may not look like much, but believe took most of the day.  The "before" picture was from the least incriminating angle possible. 

Once I get that Master's defended, I can throw away a bunch more stuff.  (I actually thought I was going to be doing that this week, but it got postponed.  Loving that....)

My black bean soup.  I was trying to make it like Whole Foods makes it.  The problem with that is I have issues spending $9 on soup and therefore have only tasted it once (from Ryan's container).  I found some recipe and added cocoa and orange juice.  The recipe said to use 1/8 cup of adobo sauce.  It seemed like a lot, but I threw it in.  Let me just tell has a kick.  Now, I love spice.  (As in the last time I went to the Jamaican joint with my friend and ordered the jerk pork, they asked me if I wanted the "hot".  When I said "yes", the whole place stopped and looked at me.  And then my belly burned for 2 days until I did it again.)  But, Ryan...his idea of spice is a whole lot less.  He ate it, but was evidently sweating while doing so.  When I came home, he said "That soup is awesome, but too spicy."  Yeah...I already knew that, because I've already eaten 3 bowls of it.

Those are pita chips on top.  Pita chips are a food group in this house.

Ended the day with my small group "Yada Girls and 1 Guy".  I love this group.