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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back to School Sewing

Move over Vera.

It's hard to sew for a teenager. What follows are a bazillion pictures (Click on them to make them big, Gram.) of a bag I made for Alicia who is starting 9th grade in the fall. I had the fabric printed with the school mascot, her name and the year she will graduate. The lighting was not so great...but you get the idea.

Water bottle holder...

She wanted a pen/pencil holder thing. The angle of this makes it look more shallow than it really is.

How do you get a good picture of the inside of a bag, anyway? I wanted to show all the pockets and whatnot.

It's easier to photograph inside/out. 3 open-top pockets and one zippered.

Semi-hidden pocket in the side intended for her cell phone (tag...because I have a million of them and well...why not?):

Open pocket in the other side with an attached lanyard/hook intended for her school ID:

Charcoal micro-suede:

Not the best picture in the world...but, I added buttons to make the bag a little more compact (because she isn't that big of a girl). Unbuttoned, the bag expands and can hold more. Buttoned, it's impossible to open the zipper of the cell phone pocket which is important since 1. She isn't supposed to even be using it at school and 2. I'm not buying her another if this one is lost/stolen.