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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Road Trip 2014 Wrap-Up

The highlights of days #7-#12 with the exception of one more post of pics just from Nauvoo.  Because I didn't have any internet access on those days.  And, because much of them were either spent driving or just hanging at my grandparents' house.

The backend of our 4, 306 mile journey:
 North Platte, NE...We did not go out to the ranch.  The "Fort" was as far as we trekked.  It is near the highway, the ranch is a few miles off.  Nebraska is one of those states you can drive in all day (with the intention of getting out of it) and still be in it at sunset.  We were on day two of driving in Nebraska and, by North Platte, were not trying to prolong our visit.  Maybe next time.

 I wouldn't buy that hat either.  Go figure.

I was shocked to see this candy.  I grew up with candy cigarettes.  All of us kids used to walk around pretending to be grown smokers.  (Keep in mind, the age which determines "grown" in terms of smoking is really gray in Iowa.)  If you would have asked me a week ago, I would have told you there was probably a law about candy cigarettes these days.  I guess not.  In Nebraska, anyway.

 Goettenburg (I'm sure I spelled it wrong.), NE.  We did leave the highway a bit to see this.  Because I thought the opportunity to see an original Pony Express Station was worth it.  I get like that.

 Know that Alicia was muttering under her breath "THIS IS THE LAST SOD HOUSE WE ARE GOING TO LOOK AT ON THIS TRIP!"
 My Grandpa and Jac playing cards (Iowa).
 We were all sharing a room at my grandparents'.  Not because we had to, really, it just sort of happened that way.  There came a point on this trip that Jac was getting annoyed with us.  He's playing some video game under that blanket.
There is only one picture from the last 18 hours of driving.  If you've ever made the trek between Iowa and Maryland via 70, you already know there isn't a ton of stuff jumping out and begging you to stop and look.  There are some things I'd like to look at around Zanesville, OH and Wheeling, WV, but, by that point, we always just want to get home.  The one thing the kids and I always stop at is the candle store.  If Ryan is with us, we sometimes don't.  He's not into that sort of thing.  If you are, you will have to look up where it is.  Somewhere in Indiana close to the Ohio border on 70.