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Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost you all you have, get understanding.-Proverbs 4:7

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mystery Trip Tuesday

Union Station/Smithsonian Postal Museum


It seems like his face is changing this summer.  He suddenly looks older. 

First, we don't make it down to D.C. as much as we should.  When we were talking about moving here, from Alaska (which is really awesome and there needs to be a really good reason for anyone to be tempted to move from there), I remember talking about all this stuff here there is to see.  (O.K....we really moved here, because we had a baby and the grandparents are here, but still...the fact is we did acknowledge all of this stuff exists and our kids would grow up around it...)  Seeing it is kind of a project.  That's the best explanation I've got.

If we do make it to the Smithsonians, it's always the ones everyone goes to see.  Never the more obscure collections.    Should I mention how thrilled they were when they found out we were going to a postal museum?  They weren't.  It worked out, though.  I mean, we probably don't have a reason to go again, but we are all glad we went.

Alicia isn't really into having her picture taken.  Or climbing into stagecoach exhibits.

So...this is creepy.  Wouldn't it have been enough to just put a model of the "Post Office Mascot" (His name was "Owney".) on display?  I looked him over pretty good and am reasonably sure this mangy thing is the "real deal". 

My camera died at Union Station.   I love Union Station.  It's one of my favorite places in D.C.  Alicia liked it, too.  I probably could have gotten some good pictures of her.  If my camera wasn't dead.

If there's another station as beautiful inside as this, I'd like to see it.

The last stop was a walk around the Smithsonian Zoo.  It was late and most of the animals had already been put away.  Will have to plan another trip for that later.