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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tank Wigglesworth Goes to the Fair


The Damascus Community Fair

When the kids were little, we used to enter all kinds of stuff.  But, we haven't even been to this fair for the past few years.  Jac is working on a merit badge for pets and the requirement is either to show your pet or to teach it a trick.  Not that I really know, but I don't think it's probable lizards are very good at performing tricks.  Fortunately, this little fair has a pet show.

There's Tank hanging out and waiting in his makeshift cage.  I realized at the last minute we didn't have any way to transport him there.  I knew I was saving ice cream buckets for something.

The competition...

Tank getting judged for "most colorful".

Tank getting judged for "most unusual".  I don't know what she asked Jac, but I heard her talking to the turtle people.  "Does he do anything unusual?"  That question should really make you think.  What would be considered unusual for a turtle?

 Tank won 1st for most colorful and 3rd for most unusual.

Other random fair pictures....
 Alicia's flower arrangement.